Cappadocia Classic Car Tour

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Cappadocia classic car tour has been one of the popular activities of Cappadocia form the last few years. Visiting the beautiful valleys of Cappadocia and taking pictures with colorful balloons in the background is very joyful. Cappadocia is one of the rare regions of our country that fascinates those who see it with its deep-rooted history, unique geographical structure and cultural activities. Every year, thousands of tourists visit this unique geography. There are many activities in Cappadocia. The newest and most interesting of these is the Cappadocia classic car tour. This activity, which has been taking place in the Cappadocia Region for about 2 years, adds an innovation to the region and makes an important contribution to the tourism of the country. Cappadocia is especially popular with Chinese and Russian tourists.

Especially couples who will marry have preferred Cappadocia for wedding photographs for years. Demand of Cappadocia classic car tour service has increased form the last two years. There are few places in the world with such a fascinating atmosphere. Cappadocia is one of the ideal places for wedding outdoor photography.

Cappadocia classic car tour photography is also possible with professional photographers. You have to make an agreement with the photographer for a certain fee. If you think I can not allocate a budget for this, you can shoot with your own camera.

This tour takes 2 hours. At the end of the tour, the tour company has a surprise for you. Champagne is brewed in this unique nature by blowing champagne in the Valley of Love. In the meantime, the champagne is non-alcoholic.

Cappadocia Classic Car Tour Route

You are picked up from your hotel very early in the morning when you are going on the tour. First of all, you go to the area where the balloons will take off with the classic car and our experienced driver. Your first stop is Rose Valley. You can watch the balloons take off in this valley, also known as the Red Pit. You can feel the warm wind of the morning on your face by absorbing the air as you watch the balloons that start to air just before dawn.

After meeting the sun in Rose Valley and taking your photo shoots, you get on your way to Love Valley by getting in your classic car. A magnificent view welcomes you in Love Valley. You can also immortalize these beautiful moments by taking beautiful photos in Love Valley.

Sunset Cappadocia Classic Car Tour

Rose Valley takes a magnificent atmosphere at sunset time. At sunset, you will witness the red dance of the sun’s rays. You can take unforgettable photos while seeing the setting sun in the classic car.

Even though this tour attracts tourists from many parts of the world, mostly Chinese and Russian tourists participate in this activity more. While planning your Cappadocia holiday, we recommend you to make a reservation for the Cappadocia Classic Car Tour at sunset and sunrise. Otherwise, it is possible to miss this opportunity due to high demand.

Although the tour is perfect at sunset and sunrise times, this event is also available at other times of the day. For those who want, the tour company decorates cars or prepares concepts such as oriental table in front of the car. It is also possible to rent a local clothes. It is sufficient to state these extra requests at the time of booking.

20 covered and open old American cars, serve for the Tour. You have to specify your preference at the time of booking.

cappadocia classic car tour price
cappadocia classic car tour price

Cappadocia Classic Car Tour Prices

We suggest you to contact the agencies about the price information. However, if we talk about the average figures, the 2-hour classic car tour is around 120 Euros. Although it seems very expensive, the joy and happiness it gives will be worth it.

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