Cappadocia Local Food and Drink

In this article, you can find all the curiosities about delicious Cappadocia local food and beverage culture. We brought together all the tastes from meat dishes, legumes, pastries to desserts for you.

Cappadocia is famous for its deep-rooted history, unique nature and geography as well as its food. It has been home of different civilizations for thousands of years and with the blending of different cultures, a wonderful culinary culture has emerged. Cappadocia which has meat, legumes, cereals and dairy products from organic farming products, always stands out with its delicious food.

Dishes of Cappadocia

Testi kebab

For centuries, potters have been made in Cappadocia. One of the most delicious Cappadocia local food the test kebab also gets flavor from these earthen pots. You will never forget the taste of the meat. Blending lamb meat, garlic, onion and tomato, and cooking on a heavy fire for two hours, it turns out delicious and delicious test kebab. The presentation of the food is also very interesting. When the testi is broken, the smell of the food is appetizing.

Carsi Soup

Carsi soup is one of the Cappadocia local food. Although the soup belongs to Yozgat region, but it is also very famous in Cappadocia. It is possible to taste Carsi soup that will warm you in almost every restaurant in Cappadocia. The consistency of the soup made with chicken meat and chicken broth is increased with flour and flavored with various spices. We recommend you to try the soup served with its special dough.


Nobody knows Kayseri Ravioli. You can taste the most delicious form of Kayseri Ravioli in Cappadocia. Blending the taste of the meat with the taste of the dough, a delicious Kayseri ravioli emerges and is found in almost every restaurant in Cappadocia.

Milk Soup

Very delicious soup is cooked with bulgur and milk. It is both nutritious and very delicious. It is a great option to warm you up and energize during your rest breaks of your Cappadocia trip.

Chickpea stew

It is one of the pottery dishes. The mutton and onions are roasted, chickpeas are added and put into the pot. It is cooked in tandoor by adding tomato paste and water. It is a nutritious and delicious dish.

Stuffed Apricot

It is very beautiful. It is a little difficult to make, but its taste is worth it. The meal made with mutton and apricot is cooked in a pot.


Onion and tomato paste are roasted with butter and add splitting wheat. Dried bone is placed into the pot. Roasted splitting wheat water is put on it. It is cooked in tandoor. It is quite nutritious and delicious.


Boiled potatoes and bulgur are kneaded together and small meatballs are made. It is fried in oil. It is one of the basic tastes of Cappadocia local eating and drinking culture.

Stuffed quinces

Minced meat and fine bulgur are mixed. The quinces are filled with this mixture after being carved. Then water and molasses are added and baked in the oven. It is an absolutely perfect meal. We recommend you.

Cappadocia Wines

In addition to famous companies such as Turasan and Kocabag, wine is made even in homes by local wine producers in the Urgup Region. During your trip to Cappadocia, you can visit Turasan and Kocabag companies to witness the wine making and taste delicious wines.

The most common wine types are Seneler and Emir wines. We recommend you to taste this wine when you come to the Cappadocia.

Cappadocia Local Food and Drink Places

There are many restaurants and cafes in Cappadocia where you can find all kinds of flavors and local dishes. The most famous restaurants, Le Mouton Rouge in Uchisar, Sukuroglu Restaurant, Saklı Konak Restaurant and Old Greek House Restaurant where Asmalı mansion series was shot, offer local tastes.

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