Cappadocia Pasabag

Cappadocia Pasabag Valley is one of the unique beauties of the Cappadocia Region. It fascinates the tourists with its fairy chimneys. They show a magnificent view with the fairy chimneys, conical bodies and mushroom-like hats formed by the flood waters flowing from the slopes into the valley, etching the rocks with tuffaceous structure due to their wind effects. Cappadocia Pasabag Valley also known as Priests Valley. It hosts thousands of tourists every year with its large and small fairy chimneys. The smallest fairy chimneys in Cappadocia Pasabag are one meter and the biggest one is 15 meters high.

Cappadocia Pasabag Valley is known as the place where monks and priests retreated in past. That’s why it is called the Valley of the Priests.

There is a Gendarme and police Station at the entrance of Cappadocia Pasabag Valley. Speciality of the police station is that it is in a fairy chimney. There is a parking lot for tour buses and private vehicles at some distance. As we proceed a little from here, we meets with a chapel. Then the valley is divided into different ways. In each of these roads we see a wonderful view with fairy chimneys. Walking around the fairy chimneys is a joy. It gives the impression that you are in a fairy tale book.

It is also possible to have an idea about the formation of fairy chimneys while visiting the Cappadocia Pasabag Valley. In addition, there is chance to see young and old fairy chimneys in the valley. You can see hundreds of fairy chimneys in large and small groups that have begun to form and disappear along the roads that pass through the fairy chimneys.

The name of Pasabag comes from the presence of vineyards in the Valley and the donation of these vineyards to a Pasha who showed great success in the War of Independence.

Grape bunches and stumps, mulberry trees and peaceful bird sounds add color to the excursion in the valley. If you wish, you can continue the walk by feeding your watchers at the entrance of the valley. The caves in the valley take the viewers to a completely different world and attract the attention of tourists towards a unique atmosphere. In addition, exhibitions in the pasabag valley attracts the attention of tourists and items that will be the memory of the region are sold.

History of Cappadocia Pasabag 

The three-headed fairy chimney in the middle of the Cappadocia Pasabag Valley is the retreat cell of Monk Simeon. The monk Simeon was born within the borders of the Roman Empire. He was preaching to the people who brought him food. Thus, their students increased and they came to the Cappadocia Pasabag Valley and retreated. They made rock beds inside the rock chambers by carving the fairy chimneys and started living here. St Simeon Chapel is reached through a narrow tunnel. In the chapel there is a stove as well as sitting and sleeping places. There are symmetrical cross ornaments at the entrance of the chapel. There is a monastery right behind it.

There is a white hill on the Pasabag road. From here you can watch a magnificent view during the sunset. Tourists take photos on the hill, which can be called this observation point during pregnancy, and enjoy the view. It is worth the pleasure of watching the valley from the hill, although it is difficult to climb the hill. From the skirts of the hill, the magnificent view of the fairy chimneys begins.

Transportation to Pasabag Valley

Going through the Nevşehir – Göreme motorway, it appears before Zelve. Another transportation option is to go through the Avanos – Ürgüp highway. It is located in the national park.

You can benefit from taxi or car rental services for transfer to Pasabag Valley. You can also visit Cappadocia Pasabag Valley by participating in tour programs.

Entrance and parking in the Paşabağ Valley are free of cost. It would also be useful to allocate 4-5 hours to visit the whole valley.

When should go to Cappadocia Pasabag Valley?

The region displays different beauties in four seasons. However, the weather conditions in spring and autumn are very convenient to visit. Especially in the autumn season, the colors and fascinating atmosphere of Cappadocia Pasabag Valley are showing another beautiful view. We guarantee that you will see amazing beauties when you look down on the valley during sunset and sunrise in autumn.

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