If you want to see the surroundings of Bodrum with fun then our bodrum jeep safari tour with our jeeps used by our professional drivers, swimming break and meal is just for you.

Included in Bodrum Jeep Safari Price:

  • Transfer to and from your hotel
  • Lunch
  • driver using Jeeps 

Not included in price:


bodrum jeep safari tour price
bodrum jeep safari tour price

General Information about Bodrum Jeep Safari Tour

Bodrum jeep safari tour starts at 09:30 with the gathering of all the guests from the hotels and continues through the Turtle Lake in Çamlık Village respectively.

Tour start: 09:00 – Tour End: 16.30

Çamlık Village Departure: 11.00

Turtle Lake: 11.30

Lunch: 12.00

Off Road: 13.30

Yali Çiftlik Tea Break: 15.00

Swimming Break in Geren Well 15.30

Return to Hotels: 16.30

All guests are picked up from their hotels for the Bodrum Jeep Safari Tour and meet at Koca Sarnıç Mevki. Cistern is called the structures built to accumulate water in it. Cisterns have a domed structure whose height is 15-10 meters. These cisterns are very common in Aegean coasts and mountain villages. Rain water is collected in the cistern whose depth is 3-10 meters, with the help of canals. Cistern is entered through a narrow and rather low door and water is drawn with a bucket. Today, these cisterns are used only for irrigation in the Aegean region.

After the cistern, tea and coffee break is given in Çamlık Village. Çamlık Village is 15 km away from Bodrum. It was established in 1600 century when nomadic people settled here. The history of this old village whose former name is Irmene, goes back to the Caria period. Surrounded by pine forests, the village has been referred to as Çamlık since 1970.

An adrenaline thrilling and fun-filled jeep safari awaits you with a tea break at the Yalıçiftlik olive oil factory. We will go to the mountainous woodland natural Region and have a swimming break in the beautiful sea of Yaliciftlik Barbaros Bay in our Jeep Safari Tour. Bodrum Jeep safari and off road tours are one of the most ideal, adrenaline and exciting activities to discover the real beauty hidden in and around Bodrum. The untouched Aegean awaits you with its fascinating views, valleys, waterfalls and streams.

By participating in our Bodrum daily safari tour programs, you can discover the rare places which you can only see on our tours. Our company has the all necessary permissions and license to make all mountain safari programs. Our company has a professional team of mountaineers and nature guides who are experts in their fields. Our next stop will be Saz Village which is 35 km from Bodrum. This village stretches between the pines, is getting along with carpets and livestock. The North American turtle Terrapine which is located in a small lake in the village, is our focus. They fall asleep under the mud in the winters.

Etrim Halı Village will be our next stop in Bodrum jeep safari Tour. We will take a short break in a historical fountain of Etrim Village. Etrim Village is located 24 km away from Bodrum. About 500 years ago first inhabitants of this nomadic village came and settled here. The village with 45-50 households has a population of 300 people. The main livelihoods of the village are livestock, farming, carpet and rug weaving, olive oil and soap production in winter..

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