Fethiye jeep safari program is considered among the most enjoyable activities in the region. You can return to your childhood and at the same time you can go to the peaks of entertainment by participating in the water war while exploring the surroundings.

Fethiye Jeep Safari starts early in the morning and price for this tour depends upon the number of people in the group. Fethiye Jeep Safari tour prices include guidance, insurance and lunch. But Rafting, mud bath, zipline and Saklıkent entrance fee and personal expenses are not included in tour prices.

fethiye jeep safari tour price
fethiye jeep safari tour price

Our First Stop is Tlos Ancient City:

Ancient city Tlos is among the oldest settlements in the region. It has been hosted many different civilizations for centuries. The region, which attracts the attention of tours with its carved graves, has been shaped during the Ottoman Empire. First part of the Saklıkent Jeep Safari Tour offers numerous alternatives for those who want to see the natural and historical beauties in the surrounding areas.

At the end of journey, after morning meeting, we arrived at Tlos Ancient City and a break is given at the first stop of pleasant journey. Beautiful pictures can be taken during the Tlos Tour. And journey starts again with jeeps to Yaka village. A lunch break is given at a place which was a windmill in past but it is used as restaurant nowadays.

Our second stop is Yaka Park:

In yaka park restaurant you can see the waterfalls of ice-cold water, trout in private pools and you can choose fish which one you want to eat. You can choose trout kofta and salads from rich menu of open buffet. You can store energy for the new season and get rid of all troubles and pains while eating fresh food and traditional tastes in fresh air of a warm atmosphere of the region.


Saklıkent Canyon:

Saklıkent Canyon region is reached approximately in 45 minutes. And perhaps it is part of the Fethiye Jeep Safari program about which peoples are most curious. Travellers can participate in zipline and rafting tours while walking in the valley.

Saklıkent, which is shown among the most important canyons in the world can be explore with Fethiye Safari Tours. And can have fun water battles like children. You can enjoy walking in the canyon, which is 18 km long and 200 meters high. The natural beauties of the environment can be discovered in the canyon, which is the most curious region of the Land Rover Jeep Safari Tour.

Possibility of Rafting During the Tour:

The rafting in the Karaçay river is not included in the tour price. Rafting takes approximately 40 minutes and it is performed with professional guides. The mud bath can be considered as the most special gift of this tour at the end of your journey. The mud that gives the freshness to the body can be spread all over the body and take beautiful pictures. Mud bath containing high minerals does not have any harmful effect on the body.

After the shower is taken, the end of the Fethiye jeep safari tour program is reached. It is highly recommended to bring the clothes, accessories and shoes that will not cause any problem in water while participating in Fethiye jeep safari tour. Because you will remain wet all the day. Guests from Fethiye, Ölüdeniz, Hisaronu, Ovacik, Calis and surrounding are transferred to the same areas at the end of the tour. Fethiye safari tour available almost every day of the week, can be programmed specifically for groups.

Anyone who makes a vacation plan with the opportunity of online booking can schedule the time of his stay in Fethiye in the most ideal way. There are different prices for the adults and children for this tour. It should be clearly stated from where the transfer service will pickup you. It is highly recommended that everyone with an adventure enthusiast attend this addictive tour. This program, which will accompany you with mud, dust, fun, sun and water all day long can be postponed to a later date due to adverse weather conditions.

Fethiye jeep safari Additional information

Timetable and Movement Locations :-

Fethiye 08: 30, Oludeniz 08: 00, Hisaronu 08: 30, Ovacik 08: 30, Calis 09: 00, Likya Liberty Hotel 08: 00, Letoonia Clup Hotel 08: 30, Hillside Beach Clup Hotel 08: 30, Majesty Tuana Club Hotel 09:15 

Fethiye Jeep Safari Tour Days

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday,

Fethiye Jeep Safari Included

Directory – Insurance – Open Buffet Lunch (Chicken shish – Fish and Open Buffet Appetizer)


Saklıkent Entry Fee (7 TL) – Saklıkent Rafting -Saklıkent Zipline and Personal Expenditures.