You can discover the beauty of this natural wonder by joining a pleasant fethiye pamukkale tour. You can enjoy a more conscious tour as experienced guides accompany you in fethiye pamukkale tour. Pamukkale is one of the most popular spots in Anatolia. Pamukkale has very unique features. It emerged from different geological events. There are many worth visiting places in the region known for its healing properties.

Fethiye Pamukkale Tour Programme

We meet our guests early in the morning for the Fethiye Pamukkale Tour. We share all the necessary information about our tour programme with our guests.

Pamukkale attracts attention with its cultural history as well as its nature. It is especially known for its Travertines.

After the meeting we leave Fethiye and travel towards Bekçiler Village. A break for breakfast is given. And a traditional Turkish breakfast is served here. Our guests will have the opportunity to taste the local delicacies during the breakfast.

We continue our journey again towards Pamukkale after the breakfast. We reached Pamukkale after a 3-hour vehicle journey.

fethiye pamukkale tour price
fethiye pamukkale tour price

Pamukkale Travertines have made its name among the most popular natural wonders of the world due to its white structure. You will have the opportunity to spend approximately 3 hours in travertines. The biggest feature of travertines is its white structure. The water source in travertines with a calcium source offers a visual feast. Another feature of the water is that it has a thermal source. In addition, the water coming to travertines comes from 17 different sources.

There is a solution accumulation of calcium carbonate in reaching today’s appearance of travertines. In Pamukkale you can meet this nature miracle which is 18 km away from Denizli.

Fethiye pamukkale tour allows you to explore the region which has been known as the healing center for centuries.

You can enter the water in the travertines that have a cascading and pool-like formation. Thus, you can also benefit from the healing waters of travertines. It is also known that water has a skin-renewing feature. There are times when the water in the layered structure region rises above 35 degrees. For this reason, you can participate in the tour at different times of the year and have different experiences with each visit.

Explore the Ancient City of Hierapolis

Hierapolis also called the Holy City. It is a region that must be visited by those who see travertines. The ancient city was constructed on the order of the King of Pergamum Eumenes 2. As you tour, the Temple of Apollo and Byzantine Gates were unearthed as a result of the excavations in the city where you will feel the Ancient Age near you.

This city displays a perfect visual beauty. It is located just behind the travertines. In addition to the Travetines and the Ancient City, you can see the Ancient Pool which is the another symbol of the region. You can enjoy swimming in the pool which has been used by many civilizations from ancient times until today.

There are 15 mud baths which are known as the healing sources of antiquity around the pool. The travertines included in the World Culture List by UNESCO. Our aim is to introduce you with these unique beauties of our country with our tours, experienced guides and teammates.

Return journey begins with our guests at the end of tour. Again a need break is given in Bekçiler village. After returning to Fethiye, our guests are dropped to their hotels in the center and the surrounding areas. Affordable Fethiye Pamukkale Tour is waiting for you to enjoy this experience with your loved ones.

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Fethiye 06:15, Ölüdeniz 06:00, Hisaronu 06:15, Ovacik 06:15, Calis 06.30, Likya Liberty Hotel 06:00

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Tuesday, Friday,


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