Fethiye paragliding and adrenaline junkies are in the favourite activities of Fethiye. Those who want to add excitement to a usual holiday, explore the accommodation area from the air and accumulate special memories can take an unforgettable flight by participating in the Fethiye Paragliding activity.

Activities which you must have to done in Fethiye

Fethiye paragliding comes first among these activities. Experience with professional pilots requires only a few training steps to fly. Flights with reliable equipment can also be shot on video to make this experience immortal. Fethiye paragliding takes place five different times in a day. One can choose any time according to his\her wish. Transfer service in accordance with the specified flight time is included in the fee.

Babadağ is one of the few tracks in the world. It is 2000 meters high. Landing on Ölüdeniz beach takes place at the end of the flight. This flight takes approximately 45 minutes. The scenery to be seen during this activity is enough to impress the person.

fethiye paragliding price
fethiye paragliding price

Is Fethiye Paragliding Safe?

The first question that comes to mind of those who want to do Ölüdeniz paragliding is whether this activity is safe or not. This low-risk sport can be completed safely for anyone who wants it. It can be said that the most important personal precaution is to choose the right company for Fethiye paragliding. By flying with an experienced pilot, you can minimize the psychological pressure on you.

Age, height and weight limit on flights can be learned before booking. Weight limit for woman is 100kg and 110kg for man. Participants with a weight of more than 110 kg are requested to meet with the flight crew in advance and get approval. Paragliding prices may vary according to the season. However, there is no family discount or special tariff for any group. June and August are the most busiest months. Paragliding is not suitable for children under the age of 4, pregnant women, patients with panic attacks, heart and blood pressure.

Except for sunset flights, adrenaline junkies are especially recommended to secure their faces with a sunscreen. After a small briefing before the Ölüdeniz paragliding flight, questions of participants are answered. Preparations starts after the weather forecast is received. The flight experience starts at 07:00 in the morning and continue during the whole day until the sunset. Insurance, equipment and transfer fee are included in the flight prices. But the photos and videos taken during the flight are charged as an extra.

Witness the Indescribable Beauty of the Bird’s Eye View!

Our company follows very important criteria with great care. You can go to the top of BabaDağ by taking advantage of the transfer service which is free of cost and then leave yourself in the space with the instructions given by your pilot. You can spend adrenaline-laden minutes in this unique flight experience where everything will be under your feet from the Mediterranean to the Lycian coast and from the Taurus Mountains to Ölüdeniz. 

Note: Since our fethiye paragliding flights are weather dependent. So, we recommend you to make your reservation in advance and don’t leave it to the last day of your holiday.

Fethiye Paragliding Additional information

Movement Locations

Fethiye 07:45, Fethiye 10:00, Fethiye 13: 15, Fethiye 15: 00, Calis: 07: 30, Calis 10: 00, Calis 13: 15, Calis 15: 00, Ovacik 08: 00, Ovacik 10: 30, Ovacik 13: 30, Ovacik 15: 30, Hisaronu 08: 00, Hisaronu 10: 45, Hisaronu 13: 45, Hisaronu 15: 45, Oludeniz 08: 15, Oludeniz 10: 30, Oludeniz 13: 30, Oludeniz 15: 30, Letoonia Clup Hotel 07: 30, Letoonia Clup Hotel 10: 00, Letoonia Clup Hotel 12: 45, Letoonia Clup Hotel 14: 45, Liberty Hotels Lykia 07: 30, Liberty Hotels Lykia 10: 30, Liberty Hotels Lykia 13: 00, Liberty Hotels Lykia 15:30

Tour Days

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday,


Insurance – Transfer – Paragliding Equipment


Photo – CD

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