Are you ready to hopping the dust of Adrenaline and fun with Quad Bike Safari?.. fethiye quad bike safari tour where adrenaline enthusiasts add dust to smoke, is a safari tour preferred by young people and those who want to stay young.

You can go up to the climaxes of excitement all day long with a partner or alone. Quad bike safari tours held two times in a day. One can enjoy holiday pleasure in Kayakoy forest created by the nature with the Fethiye quad bike safari tour.

fethiye quad bike safari tour price
fethiye quad bike safari tour price

Our First Preference is Your Security

The safety of the participants is prioritized in the quad safari tour that will be held without any type of the license. According to the demand quad bike safari Tour is organized every day of the week in the Kayaköy. Transfer and security equipment are included in the Fethiye quad bike safari Tour Price. In addition to personal expenses those who want to buy CDs, videos or photos will pay extra fee to keep this excitement as an immortal memory.

This Tour includes ditches, slopes, peaks and natural pathways. It will take approximately 1.5 or 2 hours. A brief information is provided before the Kayaköy quad bike safari Tour. And after the briefing participants go on the vehicles to enjoy the driving experience. Adrenaline, laughter and strategy are an inseparable trio in quad bike safari Tours which is a very entertaining activity.

Who Can Participate in Fethiye Quad Bike Safari Tour

Quad bike safari tour does not require any license so, one can easily and safely enjoy the excitement of the Fethiye quad bike safari tour. After informing you can practice with the help of expert guides on quad bike safari vehicles and then you can join the tour alone or with your lovely one who can sit behind you. In this tour every person is required to wear a helmet.Quad bike safari is not appropriate for pregnant women, panic attack patients and the people who has fear of speed.

A small backpack should be prepared before joining the tour to meet all your needs through the day. Waterproof shoes, sunscreen, small towel, spare clothes and some cash should be in this small backpack.

Quad Bike Safari Tour in Fethiye

Most interested place of foreign and domestic tourists Fethiye is located on the holiday routes and attracts attention by offering different alternatives to host its guests 365 days a year in the best way. As soon as you make your holiday plan, you can determine the time you want to participate in the rides with the online booking option and according to the number of participants you can reserve your place in the tour program.

Additional information

Movement Locations

Oludeniz: 08:30, Oludeniz: 12:30, Hisaronu: 08:45, Hisaronu: 12:45, Ovacik: 08:45, Ovacik: 12:45, Fethiye: 08:30, Fethiye: 12:30, Calis: 08:30, Calis: 12:30, Latvia Clup Hotel: 08:15, Latvia Clup Hotel: 12:15, Lycian Liberty: 08:15, Lycian Liberty: 12:15

Tour Days

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday,


Transfer – Security Equipment


Personal Expenditures – Quad Bike Safari Photos, videos and CD