It is one of the points that many people want to see in Muğla. You can see this region with the fethiye saklikent tour accompanied by experienced guides. Turkey’s untouched Saklikent is a unique canyon located in Fethiye district of Muğla. This beautiful natural wonder was discovered recently. It was discovered by a goatherd.

Fethiye Saklikent Tour Programme

We meet with our guests early in the morning and share necessary information about the tour route before the fethiye saklikent tour. After that we go to the Tlos Ancient City which is the first stop of our fethiye saklikent tour. It takes approximately 1 hour to reach there. Tlos Ancient City is also known as Tlava. It was established between Eşen River and Akdağlar. This city belongs to the Lycian civilization. It is easy to defend this city because it is built on a steep land. It has an aesthetic architectural structure.

Here you can see century-old plane trees in the fascinating atmosphere of the ancient city. Tlos is one of the must-see places for those who are interested in mountaineering as well as nature lovers. Many ruins from the Roman period still exist. It is a city where those who are interested in history and mythology as well as nature will be affected. Because Tlos is also known as the place where Bellaforonte (the owner of Pegasus) lives who is known as the winged horse in mythology.

fethiye saklikent tour price
fethiye saklikent tour price

During the trip, our tour guides will share the historical information and important details about the routes with our guests. Thus, you will be able to enjoy a more conscious trip. The city, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, is located in Yaka village. We go to the windmill in Yaka village with our guests after the ancient city visit. Our restaurant, which has been restored at the point where the windmill is located, serves lunch prepared for our guests. This region has an enormous natural beauty. It is also known as Yaka Park. You can experience that the water in the park is cold enough to be called freezer. Yaka Park refreshes you in the summer heat. Our journey begins towards the Secret City Canyon after the Yaka Park.

Adrenaline’s peak point

Saklikent Canyon is 18 km long and it is still one of the places that preserves its natural beauty since it has not been touched by human hands for many years. The last point for the fethiye saklikent tour is the national park.

Our guests can experience rafting in cool waters during the Saklikent tour. You will not forget the rafting experience of the river in the energetic potential canyon. This canyon is also suitable for hiking. Those who want to explore the entire canyon in detail can take a walk. And if they want to rest, they can take short breaks in the corners of cool waters of the Canyon.

Our experienced guides will be with our guests at every moment of the trip so that you can cross the river and explore the canyon literally. The length of the river in the canyon increases from time to time. It has been revealed by researches that there are many caves in the canyon and there were life in these caves in the Ancient period.

Gizlikent Waterfall is 1 km away from the canyon. It is a natural wonder that draws attention as much as other waterfalls in the vicinity. 200 steps of stairs and its appearance makes this waterfall special as compare to others.

You can also enjoy seeing this paradise that is still waiting to be discovered by many people with a smooth canyon tour with an experienced team. Return journey starts after the completion of canyon tour. 

Additional information:

Movement Locations

Fethiye 08:30, Ölüdeniz 08:00, Hisaronu 08:30, Ovacik 08:30, Calis 09:00, Likya Liberty Hotel 08:00

Tour Days

Sunday, Wednesday, Friday,


Transfer – Guide – Open Buffet Lunch (Chicken-Fish – Pasta and Open Buffet Appetizer) – Insurance


Rafting – Zipline – Personal Expenses – Tlos & Saklıkent Entry Fee (7 TL)

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