Fethiye scuba diving tour is an ideal activity for those who want to explore the underwater world in and around Fethiye. This activity is completed with professional diving instructors. Travelers of all ages can easily participate in Diving. It can be considered as an adrenaline – filled entertainment for those who dream of exploring the underwater. This program starts at 09:00 in the morning and ends at 17:30-18:00.

Water Activity Starting with Boat Tour

Before fethiye scuba diving tour a brief instruction is given by our instructor. They give you certain tips to make your time in water more enjoyable. Diving with professional equipment gives you a chance to see the region’s creatures in clear water and new discoveries can be made. An idea can be obtained about the water creatures and the natural beauties of the region during your dive. For a creative discovery, you can also reserve your place with an online reservation for Fethiye scuba diving.

Those who do not want to waste time can make a special experience by doing a reservation immediately to explore the beauty of the sea . Beginners, those who have never dived, experienced divers and anyone who wants to see the beauty of the underwater can participate in this programme. After the tour program that ends with dives in Dalyan and Aquarium Bays, everyone is transferred to their hotels.

fethiye scuba diving tour price
fethiye scuba diving tour price

Fethiye Scuba Diving Tour Programme

Tour started with the transfer to Dalyan Bay with our Diving Boat which departing from the port of Fethiye with the first light of the sunrise. The tour which started with the Boat Tour, is full of great surprises for those who want to explore the depths of sea. Necessary information is given to the travelers on boat before diving which helds twice in a day at morning and afternoon. Experienced diving instructors are provided to our guests which are divided into 4 or up to 5 people groups.

Diving equipment is distributed to participants which is prepared according to the number of participants and a brief information is provided about how to use it. After the first dive in the morning, participants return to the boat for start lunch. To keep the stomach comfortable chicken sandwiches are provided in the menu before the second dive. Fish with bread is provided to the participants who feel more comfortable in the second dive. Participants can purchase the photographs of professional shots which is held during this tour. After completion of the second dive, participants return to the boat and return journey to the port of Fethiye begins.

Guests staying at the hotels in Ölüdeniz, Hisarönü, Ovacık, Çalış and Fethiye are provided with a transfer service. Diving Tours held every day of the week. Prices of tours may vary according to the season. Fethiye scuba diving Tour starts in the month of April every year and repeated regularly until the end of October. The prices for the guests who travel with their relatives and don’t participate in diving are calculated differently.

Transfer to the port and back to hotel, insurance, lunch, diving equipment and pre-dive training are included in the price. Personal expenses, underwater photographs or CD services are among the items not included in the price.

What are the specialties of Diving Boat?

Diving boat is suitable for those who want to sunbathe during the journey because it has WC for women and men. Personal items are safely protected during diving on the boat. Fethiye scuba diving tour is suitable for those who do not have a prior experience or professional swim. It is suitable for anyone who wants.

To discover the undersea word, you can make a online reservation to Fethiye scuba diving organization.

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