Kekova boat tours offers you extraordinary beauties where you can see nature and culture together. Kekova boat tours are held in two ways. One of these is the tour made by boats departing from the port of Kaş. In these tours, transportation from Kaş to kekova region and coves is carried out by sea. And in normal weather conditions departure and return takes a total of three hours.

The other one is the boat tours, which is made with our glazed boat waiting in the village of Üçağız. It starts directly from the Kekova region. Transportation from Kaş to Üçağız village which is our starting point of the Kekova region, takes approximately 35 minutes with our vehicles.

kekova boat tour price
kekova boat tour price

The region, which we call the Kekova region, takes its name from the island of kekova. And it is the region that includes Batıkşehir, simena kaleköy and Üçağız village. Kekova is actually the name of the island. The entrance gate of the Kekova region is known as Üçağız village. You will enjoy swimming in the magnificent bays of the kekova region in our boat tour starting from Üçağız village. Another place that you will see in our Kekova boat tours is the pirate cave. You will enter in this cave with our boat.

Our Kekova boat tours are decent and of high quality, unlike ordinary boat tours. Our professional tourist guides accompany our guests in the kekova boat tours. Our tools are completely professional and certified.

Kekova Boat Tours Program

10:00 – Meeting in the office and moving to Üçağız.

10:30 – Boarding from Üçağız village port.

10:30 – 16:30 – At least 40 minutes of swimming breaks in 7 different bays of Kekova region accompanied by a professional guide, boat trip to the Batık City and informing about its history.

16:30 – 17:30 – Kaleköy (Simena) tour. You can visit the historical castle and the sunken sarcophagus in Simena, visit the charming historical village and taste the famous ice cream of the region.

18:00 – Return to Kaş.

DURATION 8 hours



Kekova Boat Tours Recommendations 

Comfortable clothes, be sure to wear sun glasses and protectors

What’s Included


Transfer to Üçağız


Tea, fruit service

What’s Included Not Included


Extra activities

Lunch is in the form of open buffet on the boat, 7 flavors of Mediterranean cuisine and barbecue is offered. 

During the tour; Our guide can make changes to the tour program according to unexpected weather and road conditions.

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