Kusadasi is one of the first places that come to mind for the summer. Apart from various daily tours such as boat tour, jeep safari, horse safari, kusadasi diving tours is one of the most popular touristic activities in the region. You can have both fun and a new experience with the Kusadasi scuba diving tour that allows you to explore the undersea world.

In our tour, which is also known as kusadasi diving we offer you the opportunity to try diving and you can participate in this tour even if you do not have any diving experience before. So how many times will we dive in our diving tour and how many meters will we go down?

It is allowed to dive for a maximum of 5 meters in the trial dive according to the international rules. Do not think that 5 meters is very less, it is quite deep and it is ideal to see the underwater world clearly. In our kusadasi diving tours activity, there will be total 2 dives and each will take about 30 minutes.

Before the tour, our instructors will give you all the details about the diving tour of Kusadasi and will inform you. They will always be with you during the dive and will convey the necessary directives to you. So you will never have any security problems.

A few important notes about the Kusadasi diving tours:

People under the age of 15 cannot participate in our diving tour.

It is recommended not to drink alcohol before the diving tour.

If you are going to fly the next day, it is better for you not to participate in the tour.

Those with chronic disease or heart and respiratory diseases can not participate in the diving tour.

Those who do not dive pay half of the tour fee.

Services Included in the Tours Price 

  • Lunch
  • Guidance
  • Equipment

Services not included in the price of diving tour of Kusadasi

  • Beverages
  • Photos
  • Personal expenses